Choral workshops for the corporate sector

Provide your personnel with a healthy break or a whole day of interactive fun! A choral workshop can offer a new challenge and bring team spirit for your company.

Bea van der Kaaij is a professional choir trainer from the Netherlands who moved to the UK in 2006. She has experience with training singers at all levels, including people who have never sung in a choir before: your staff don't need previous singing experience to enjoy the workshop.

Bea is available for occasional or regular sessions of half an hour as a healthy alternative to going to the gym during lunch break. Singing will cost you energy, but it will also give energy back and a clear head to go back to work.

Another option is to book Bea for a whole day or morning or afternoon sessions. It will be a very exciting experience for your team to discover the benefits of singing together. You will learn how to produce a unified choral sound by calling upon skills you could also use on the work floor, for example to be effective communicators, listening skills, how to present yourself and make a good impression, effective breathing skills.
Some people can flourish in an unexpected role whilst singing and start to develop specific underestimated qualities. Singing can enhance confidence in a pleasant way.

There are various possibilities. Below you can find an indication of fees for in house sessions:
Lunch break short sessions of half an hour: £100 for group up to 30
£150 for group up to 50
Morning or afternoon session of 3 hours: £300 for group up to 30
Morning or afternoon sessions of 3 hours: £400 for group up to 50
Whole day 3 hours morning, 3 hours afternoon: £650 excl. lunch for group up to 30
Whole day 3 hours morning, 3 hours afternoon: £800 excl. lunch for group up to 50
For smaller groups, prices are always negotiable.

Bea is always willing to discuss specific wishes, so the choral workshop can, for example, be a part of a general teambuilding activity.

Bea could also bring some musical instruments to add to the singing, like hand drums etc.. In that case she will need to add an amount for renting them.
She could also arrange an accompanist on piano/keyboard for an additional charge.

You might want to use a different location for the workshop: Bea would be most happy to arrange a suitable venue for an additional price.