Bea has strong organisational skills. She was involved in organising several Dutch tours for English Cathedral choirs: the Choristers of St Paulís Cathedral in 2005, the choir of York Minster in 2005 and the choir of Lichfield Cathedral in 2006.
She has also been leading and/or organizing several trips for project choirs to English Cathedrals.

Bea brought her All Saints Choir from Leamington Spa to the Netherlands for a tour and organized several UK cathedral trips for this choir as well.
In the summer of 2008, just before she and her family moved to Lincoln, she brought All Saints Choir to St Paulís Cathedral in London and led them in 6 Evensongs.

For several years now, Bea has also been organizing recital tours for English organists (e.g. Huw Williams, Malcolm Archer, Philip Scriven and Colin Walsh).

Since January 2011 Bea has started to work free-lance for ACFEA , a worldwide specialist for choir and concert tours.